Jul 28


Like it or not, the 3D invasion is still comin’. Content is totally limited and gear can be prohibitively expensive, like with any tech that’s “new” and “fresh” (which 3D, by far, isn’t either).

You’ve got 3D TV’s a plenty and Fuji’s got the still camera out already. No doubt, other folks will soon follow.

Now, Panisonic’s thrown out the first 3D camcorder.

It looks pretty sweet, if not at all slightly phallic like. It’s sweet that Pani’s chosen an interchangeable lens design for an industry first 3D camcorder, so I’ll applaud that move.

Like the rest of the staff here, I’m totally skeptical on the whole 3D at home experience. The gear that’s impressed me the most so far has been the Toshiba sets we eyed at CES this year. You’ll find a ton in the lineup, but mostly they had the one killer feature that other folks just didn’t have. Toshiba’s 3D sets have the ability to upconvert 2D content into 3D viewing. Focus shifted slightly to give the illusion of depth (which is all 3D anyways, right????), it worked.

For more details on the 3D camcorder, check out our favorite site for all things photo, DP-Review.com.

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