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More fresh iPhone rumors. This one coming via Twitter. While Verizon iPhone rumors have finally quieted down post new iPod announcement, it looks like iPhone to T-Mobile rumors might turn into news with a release after or near January 2011.

It’s nothing super surprising. There are a ton of jailbroken iPhones hiding out with T-Mobile anyways. They are the country’s other GSM carrier. But now, if the rumors be true, it’ll be a virtual Bastille Day for those T-Mobile iPhone users.

Crazy thing is that it looks like it’ll be only iPhone 3GS and not the iPhone 4G.

Speculation on this point is running rampant. But, having been a previous T-Mob customer, it does make sense.

Nothing wrong with an iPhone 3GS. Sure, it doesn’t have the sexier processor or HD cam or front facing cam, or any of the other stuff that the 4G has, but it’s still a very capable and usable phone.

Why does it fit with T-Mobile? iPhone 3GS will be super cheap when it rolls out on T-Mobile and that’s always been T-Mob’s game. Cheap plans with not always the newest best phones. But you get the features you want (it’s an iPhone!) at a price that’s unbeatable. Besides, it keeps T-Mobile out of all those antenna and bumper issues on the 4G.

But the biggest reason that I see (pure, butt naked ass speculation following) is T-Mobile is positioning for the potential land-slide of defectors from ATT and those who just want an iPhone who don’t have any prior obligation with ATT, once the iPhone goes multi-carrier.

Why not offer a cheap iPhone and I’m guessing free with a 2 year plan on T-Mobile? So what if it’s a 3GS? It’s still an iPhone that’s very capable.

Such a strategy, I think, could win a lot of new subscribers to T-Mobile. Now if they could just buy Sprint and improve their network quality…

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