Sep 22


Anxiously waiting for your iPhone fix on America’s best wireless network (Verizon)? Rumors have been flying for months that Apple’s iPhone will finally be free and available to other carriers besides ATT. T-Mobile getting 3GS after January 2011 has been floating around too, but we did a little digging on our own about the Verizon rumor.

Now, before we say anything more, keep in mind, this stuff is still pure rampant speculation and 1000% pure, unadulterated, heaping pile of hearsay.


We visited 5 different Verizon Wireless stores in our area. Each of us had legitimate things to take care of with our phones. We were either paying a bill, making changes/adding to our account(s) and even picking up a new pre-paid phone for some of our grandparents to use. So it’s not we walked in just to shop around.

We just planned it so we all had something to take care of today.

We each asked or made a comment about iPhone rumors on Verizon in January. The interesting part is that each sales rep we spoke with did not deny any rumor about iPhone on Verizon. The shocking part was that 3 of the reps even commented they were looking forward to that product (with a wink and nudge) in January.

It’s only noteworthy because usually the response has been “I don’t know about that” or a blank stare.

Not impressed? Well…I had to get something out today.

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