Sep 23


So? Even us prognosticators get things wrong once in while. While some of us here have had January 2011 pegged as the rock solid, bank it, claim it, whatever it date that iPhone finally comes to Verizon; I’ve sort of been holding out on 2012 as more of a likely date.

January 2011 seems completely likely with our own internal investigation sort of confirming it, spearheaded by Sara Baker, yesterday. And since we’re basically calling VZW iPhone in January 2011 as confirmed, it’s time to suck down some serious crow.

I’ll admit I was a year late on the date and I’ll give credit to Mord who has been screaming “January 2011″ since May.

For sticking to your guns, you get a prize Mord. Today for lunch, I’m treating you to your dream come true.

See Mord’s long wanted to make his own burger at In-N-Out. Not just a Double-Double or Triple-Triple, but the artery clogging self designed, Septuple-Septuble or 7×7. (7 is his lucky number, along with the number of deadly sins that he’ll break before, during and after eating this monster).

For those not versed in In-N-Out lingo, most locations will make (within reason) the burger of your choice with the meat and cheese combination of your choosing.

Mord’s not the 20×20 kind of guy, but he’s been jonesing (pun intended Mord Jones) for the 7×7. So today for lunch, Mord, it’s a 7×7 on me.

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