Dec 10

Remember when Mord bet me that I couldn’t go veg for a week? Sometime just before we went to Beijing, I got into a bet with Mord. The bet was simple, eat no meat for a week.

The prize? A meaty burger from The Bay Area’s newest chain: Five Guys. Mord’s had these burgers from his time in Virginia, but we Californians are still new to the whole experience. I’m an In-N-Out faithful. Always have been, always will be. But a free burger is hard to pass up.

And I won the bet, so Mord payed up. Of course, I brought along a few guests. Myself and anyone else I could grab that was interested in a burger, which means that our very own Shawn and his kids came along too.

I should tell you a few things about Five-Guys before getting to the burger. It’s loud in there. Not loud buys like In-N-Out loud, but loud with music loud. And anything from hip-hop to country goes.


And there are peanuts everywhere. You can grab a few and start munching while you wait, but it’s not just shelled nuts. Five-Guys is famous for their peanut oil fried french-fries.

You get a higher frying temperature with peanut oil. Some say this leads to more tastier fries, but also comes with the extra calories, fat and all that other bad stuff. If you’re allergic to nuts, BTW, this is not the place for you.


Food comes in a non-descript brown paper bag. You’ll quickly notice the greasy deliciousness seeping through. Somehow, the greasy magic gets out, even though the burgers are all wrapped in foil.


And these babies are big. Bigger than In-N-Out in overall size and of course there’s Five-Guys’ famous toppings. You can go “All-The-Way” and get a ton of toppings from the basic lettuce and onions to grilled mushrooms, BBQ sauce, A-1, grilled onions and jalapeno peppers.

The burgers come with a heftier price, but their beefier. My burger (and I scored a double patty monster) with drink and fries came close to $12. Which is probably double my usual double-double order. I got through half of the burger, so I guess price wise, it’s about right.

You get what you pay for and these are very tastey, yummy burgers. But, they’re also super heavy. The meatiness (and maybe the peanut oil) didn’t sit well with me and I had poop-attacks the following day.

The fries though are awesome. Not In-N-Out animal fries awesome, but pretty darn delicious.

For once in a while (say every 6 months?) Five-Guys offer a solid alternative to In-N-Out. But, we Californians are totally spoiled with In-N-Out goodness that I’m not sure just how many of us will stray from what we know and love.

I’ll leave you with this: if you love a meaty, big greasy burger with awesome fries, then hit up Five-Guys as the In-N-Out alternative. Or do what I do and upgrade to a 3×3, animal style of course.

2 Responses to “Winning A Bet Is Sooo Delicious”

  1. Darin says:

    What no eating your height in hot dogs this time?

  2. Sara Baker says:

    I heard the story. Prolly can’t eat 5ft 5inches of dog. 3 ft? maybe. OH yeah, I heard about TN-G too. Be safe over there.

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