Jan 09

I’ll lay it out straight and simple. With a name like ChicBuds, I’m a little shy about checking them out. The leopard fur print, pastel colored ultra-mini-tiny, itty-bitty, mono-speakers scare me.

But you know what? I can’t stop looking and listening to these babies. They are funky cool with just the right amount of…I can’t believe I’m saying this…bling.

Fine. There. I said it. Bling. They’re targeted (at least in my head) to rockin’ chics everywhere. Yet, the hot bubble-gum pink colored accessories of ChicBuds sort of catches my eye. It really does break-up the Apple inspired glossy white, shiney black, or silvery-metallic world our gadgets live it.


Turns out, a little color is good for the soul. And there’s nothing wrong with showing a little “fun” in your gear. The ladies notice and you can pretend you’re a hip, sensitive, metro-sexual.

The ChicBoom Keychain Speakers run about 4 hours when fully charged via USB and run about $24.99. And if all else fails, it’s a perfect gift for that sig-other in your life. Nothing says, “I’m a dork and I should listen to you more” than something that comes in sparkles or leopard print.

Dig it.

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