Jan 10

Straight up, my apologies to the great (and I mean friggin’ great) people at beyerdynamic. Your headphones are so awesome, that I completely forgot to take any pictures at your booth.

I can’t say how sorry I am. It’s unimaginable. Your beyerdynamic T1 headphones are so awesome that I lost my mind. It is truly, the best most dynamic, warm, natural, sounding headphones (maybe I should speakers?) that I’ve ever heard.

They beat the pants of most home speaker systems (I’m not kidding) and anything the likes of Klipsch, Sennheiser, or anyone else has come up with. And I mean that.

Your headphones are now the object of my auditory lust every waking moment. I’m forever spoiled and I can’t bare to listen to any portable music outside of the comfort of the T1 (and maybe the DT 990).


While everyone has their own driver designs, beyerdynamic ups the ante with their own Tesla Drivers with some of the strongest magnets legally available on the market today (I added that for emphasis).

What you get is a high magnetic field (those with implanted medical devices may want to watch out) that delivers clean, efficient sound. I was absolutely blown away by the rich, solid, yet super soft velvety ear pads that encased your entire ears and did a great job of cutting down on ambient noise from an ultra noisy CES show floor.

You get the same effect (on the DT 990’s and T1) as if you were wearing in-the-ear sound isolating ear-buds. No joke.

They’re that damn good. Full range sound at its best. You won’t complain about highs, lows, mids and everything in between. It’s all there. The sound stage is the best I’ve ever heard in a pair of headphones. Studio-better quality. You get a solid analog sound from a pure digital source, you’ll be looking for vinyl. I swear, you can’t beat beyerdynamic’s.

If you see someone with a pair of these on, bow to them and be jealous at how much they’re enjoying their music over you.

The audio quality comes at a price. Top of the line T1’s come in at $1,295. DT 990’s are a noticeable step down at around $313. 990’s can be configured through beyerdynamic’s US website. All parts are made and shipped from Germany with just some customization done in the US.

At $1295, you might think beyerdyanmic T1 is overpriced and not worth it. You’d be totally wrong. This IS THE LAST HEADPHONES YOU’LL EVER BUY if you are lucky enough to score yourself a pair of T1’s.

DT 990’s are a step down from the T1’s audio nirvana and you’ll notice it. But, compared to top of the line from anyone else, you’ll find that $313 invested into DT 990’s is more than worth it and comparable if not way better than anything else (besides the T1’s) on the market today.

Check them out here for full specs and details. Available at hi-end speaker shops and on-line direct.

I’m saving up for a T1, are you?

(Editor’s Note: T1’s use really strong magnets and generate a stronger than normal magnetic field when compared to other headphones. However, the team at beyerdynamic want you to know that they’ve tested the field at the ear and it’s well below acceptable limits of health standards. Check out more details here, under the heading of “HEALTH”.)

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  1. audioph1le says:

    beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 250 Ohm <3

  2. Gotta say, i love my DT770’s. They’re not 990’s but they’re a fantastic set of cans and may not be 990’s but they’re closed, which I much prefer.

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