Jan 11

MusicSkins last year grabbed attention at CES with launching their exclusive Beatles line-up of iPod/iPhone (and others) skins and wraps. Custom designed logos and Beatles album art made their booth totally popular and one of the must-have items for Beatles fans.

Throw in Beatles now being completely available on iTunes and it’s been a banner year for MusicSkins.

And now they look to do it again with Beiber-mania.

I won’t lie. I don’t like Beiber.

Justin Beiber…just where does the fascination with this 16 year old begin? I can’t figure it, but girls (young and old) just seem to fall all over this kid (sorry, can’t call him guy yet).

Keep in mind that most celebrity women who oogle him, doing ANYTHING with the kid would land them in jail, instantly. So I won’t even touch the issue of illegal sex-appeal. But, we keep seeing this kid flaunted on us like Justin Timberlake.

And I’ll even give Timberlake more points for being a better artist than Beiber was at around the same time. I can’t stand Beiber’s wimpy manufactured songs and lyrics.


MusicSkins isn’t about alienate anyone though. Hate Beiber like me? That’s okay, they’ve still got the exclusive on The Beatles along with a ton of stuff from NickToons (including SpongeBob), Comedy Central (SouthPark) and a ton of other classic artists including Pink Floyd, THe Ramones, Def Leppard and my fav Twisted Sister.

And that’s awesome by me. Give me SpongBob over Beiber. Always.

More details over at MusicSkins.Com.

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