Jan 11

Don’t worry. We know you’ve never heard of “clingo” before. Neither have we, but you’ll soon hear about it on infomercials and retailers everywhere.

Clingo is one of those sticky pads that are so common these days, but here’s the thing. It’s super stickier than anything else out there today. It’s called “clingo” because everything “clings” to it (get it?), but it should be called “stick it and never get it off again unless you really pull it-go”. Or something like that.


Allsop, the maker of clingo, has applied it to a variety of shapes and “stickable” applications. GPS car mounts (or anything else you want to mount on a dash/windshield/side window/door/body panel/whatever on a car), phone holders/lanyards, whatever. You could (and they show it) probably use clingo to clean stuff quickly (like that pesky cat hair).

It’s so sticky that during our look at it, well, the folks couldn’t get the iPhone we stuck on it off. It took a little working and we had to use a “peeling” motion to get the iPhone off, but it came off without any residue (except for the dirt that was on the iPhone, leaving me a clean phone).

Get too dirty and all you need to do is rinse clingo under running water and you’re good to go again.

Green, sticky goodness with a totally tongue-n-cheek commercial? I’m game.

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