Jan 12

Wait ’til you get a look at FreeOneHand’s iPad Holder. It’s a grip and stand all in one. Made of flexible, grippy, rubbery material, FreeOneHand’s iPad Holder grips your iPad snugly and fittingly.

The key feature here is FreeOneHand’s uniquely designed grip that uses your entire hand to distribute the weight of the iPad your holding all the way up your arm and into your shoulders.

Normal grips of the iPad really put the weight of the iPad on your hands, wrists and lower arms. Extended use, especially with all the typing and gripping we do today, can lead to soreness in some people.


The grip at the back allows you to use fingers, hand and thumb in varying positions. You can palm it, with the big nub resting between your thumb and index finger. Turn your wrist and grip it with your iPad resting fully weighted on your thumb-index finger (making a fist) and a few other positions, all meant to distribute weight equally from hand to shoulder while giving you the most secure and comfortable grip.

The nub though has multiple uses. Not only is the main grip point, but it’s positioned to be a stand/easel/rest for your iPad while keeping it perfectly tilted for viewing and working.


Not done yet! You can also use FreeOneHand’s iPad Holder with a belt clip. It’s not for wearing around town, but you could. It’s really meant for easy access to your iPad for those working professionals (Dr’s, nurses, etc) who use their iPad frequently at work while moving.

The swivel-holder holsters onto your belt and easily releases when you need, a-la cell phone holders.


This is one simple, yet very well designed product. It does was it says and works extremely well. We had our head-slapping moment on this one, thinking why the heck didn’t any of us think of this??

Available now and priced at around $35. Check out FreeOneHand.com.

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