Jan 12

Mentally and physically, the guys and I are pretty much running on empty. Our brains are fried, our bodies similarly beaten over the past almost week at CES, Pepcom’s Digital Experience, schmoozing, boozing, gambling, and just wrecking ourselves with junk food and drink in Vegas.

We probably over did it and we’re totally paying for it.

Yes. We’re a bunch of blogging wusses. We admit that.

Here’s the good news out of all that. CES was awesome for us. We met a ton of people, new contacts and got to see some sweet stuff. We’ve still got a ton of content and pages upon pages of notes and references to weed through and check-up on.

Our CES content is nowhere near done, even though the show has long since been packed and stored for next year.

Hang tight with us as we keep churning through our updates. We’ve still got a few off-the-wall posts left. After that, we’re going to all mail it in while the other bloggers take over for a few days.

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