Jan 12

Did I mention we love the iLounge area at CES? It’s a single place where we can rove around, look and compare all the iPod/iPad/iPhone/iWhatever accessory and gear available.


There’s rarely a thing missing and anyone who’s making anything is here (except for Apple, but who cares about those sissys anyways?)

So dig this. On the last day MJ and I ran around trying to decide which iPad case was better. Even though we’re iPad-less (You’re welcome TKBKT-Beijing Web Team), we still wanted to decide which ones were better.

Everything from Gumdrop cases, MacAlly, Griffin, and the big group of iCheap makers (you know who you are), we had a lot to look at.

They all offered similar functionality. It’s an iPad case, guys. We judged on material quality, usability and finally if we would be caught dead with the case in public. Needless to say, some of them are fugly.

We have an issue with folks who market their case as “tough” when all it really does is offer some shock and scratch protection. So we won’t go there.

Honestly, we have to give the folks at TUNEWEAR props. TUNEFOLIO is a simple designed, fashionable case for iPad. Yeah, it looks a heck of a lot like man-purse, but you can remove the wrist-strap leaving you with a case/protector/stand all in one.

Besides the leather finish, variety of colors, the design is clean and simple. You can’t really beat it. Available now for $49.95, it’s a bit on the high-end of the price scale, but well worth it.

Plastic, paper, or leather? You choose, we take leather every time.

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