Feb 27


When I think movies and snacking, I go for what everyone else in America reaches for: popcorn.

Often buttery, mostly salty and always tastey. We’ll pair popcorn with a cold beverage of choice. The more buttery-salty the popcorn, the better refreshing the beer.

Dunno really how it works and don’t care much about it. Just need to know it properly feeds the munchies.

So thinking Oscars, movies…yup…you guessed it…we come back to popcorn.

Movie theater popcorn, is my fav and behind that is that sweet-sugary mix of salty-buttery popcorn: kettle corn. Which if you haven’t had, you need to run out and get you some…NOW.

At home, we nuke it of which you know by now that it contains diacetyl, which offers that buttery smell and taste that we love. But, diacetyl vaporizes at high temperatures and changes from being safe to toxic.

Dangerous when you consider that all nuked popcorn is subjected to high temps in the bag. Scary…especially when you consider it can cause serious health problems when people are subjected to high quantities of the stuff.

Whiffing that popcorn fresh out of the bag is not the best idea in the world, no matter how toasty and good-smelling it might be.

So, let your popcorn cool and hold your breath when you open that bag.

(Editor’s Note: Old news? Yes, but we dig it none-the-less. More info over at Oprah.com…that Woman’s into everything ya know!)

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