Feb 28


There are days when we all slap our heads in unison at the silly-ness that we call Mordecai Jones.

Foolish? Yes. Funny as hell? Absolutely.

This time, it wasn’t so funny. You see, recently (last month) we were all at CES. Our genius Mordecai Jones, left his laptop in a Vegas diner. BTW: He swears none of this occurred under drunken foolishness, but we have our collective doubts.

So, leaving said laptop in a seedy Vegas joint of sin-ly repute (we won’t say whom), resulted in our website being hijacked.

How? Well, it’s not hard when you leave a text file on your desktop called “passwords.txt” with all your passwords in it.

Yeah…he’s that dumb, but we love the guy none-the-less.

After a few weeks of wrangling and even being asked to pay a ransom, we finally worked things out. Our web-team in Beijing did most of the work, but we’re back on-the-air and rolling right along with updates.

You might see a few changes here and there over the next few weeks. Most notably, you may see a few new bloggers joining our team.

Should be fun. Sorry to keep everyone in the dark.

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