Jan 08
QuikPod will remind you a simple monopod. Make no mistake about it. One look and that's probably what you'd think and most likely walk away. But you'd be walking away from one sweet, well thought out, personal camera support solution. QuikPod is one man's patented single legged camera support. Design to be your extra hands when you want to take..... [ read more ]
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Sep 22
We first spotted Sony's TX-5 at PMA in Anaheim. Sony's durable, ruggedized, slim, T-series shooter quickly became a favorite in the point-n-shoot crowd. Cameras that shoot underwater, in sand, mud, snow and can be dropped 3+ feet isn't new. Sony didn't pioneer this category, but they made it look sexy. Just by looking at it, the TX-5 doesn't stand out from the slim-line T-series. ..... [ read more ]
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Aug 27
Behold, the backside of a Nikon D5000. One of my favorite cameras. Released about a year or so ago, this camera packs 720p video capture, 12 MP's, articulating LCD, and all the quality that comes with a Nikon and equally awesome Nikkor lenses. Bias? You betcha arse, I am. Nikon continues to be one of my favorite (if not pricier) D-SLR lines. So, it caught me off guard when I saw a couple..... [ read more ]
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Aug 05
Rugged cameras used to be big, bulky and usually built to look like if a Hummer and a pocket-point-n-shoot cam had off-spring. Scary, but true. They all did the job, but were usually 40%-50% thicker and bulkier than a point-n-shoot of the same caliber. They all cost more too. Sure you could sometimes get a plastic enclosure for your pocket shooter. They..... [ read more ]
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Jul 22

BP Fakes It Up

By Mordecai Jones News No Comments »
BP, you deserve everything you get. Not only do I believe in my soul that you're lying to us about how much oil that you spilled, but you're going to cover your arses every chance you get. Now, a few crafty (and perhaps really, really bored) bloggers have called you on your faux-pas. You fixed up a few images that were released to newspapers and press and you got caught. Serves you right..... [ read more ]
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Mar 24
Before reading this review, you should know two things. 1) I don't own this camera, nor did I get a sample unit to test. 2) I might just be the slightest bit bias when it comes to FujiFilm. My very first camera was a FujiFilm and I still have it the stellar 35mm pocket cam today. All that being said, these impressions are all from our extensive hands-on..... [ read more ]
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Mar 02
Most of us weekend photographers have our needs met by 95% of the point-and-shoots out today. They're quick and will likely have the shutter speeds and F-stops that meet almost all of our needs. As our photography bug digs in even more, almost 100% of our needs are met by entry level or slightly less professional (pro-sumer) D-SLR's. Really. Rarely are we going to need to spend..... [ read more ]
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Feb 08
As we gear up for all the news cameras that will be shown at PMA 2010 in Anaheim, it's important to know how to look at and (if you're so inclined) how to purchase those cameras. What features are important for you? Is a high-megapxiel count the only thing? (no) And of course, what the heck do you do with once you've paid the duckets and get your..... [ read more ]
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