Jan 12
Did I mention we love the iLounge area at CES? It's a single place where we can rove around, look and compare all the iPod/iPad/iPhone/iWhatever accessory and gear available. And I mean EVERYTHING. There's rarely a thing missing and anyone who's making anything is here (except for Apple, but who cares about those sissys anyways?) So dig this. On the..... [ read more ]
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Jan 08
Ever since Lord Jobs spoke about the tiny iPod Nano and its funkiness to make a cool watch out of it, iPod accessory makers have done exactly that. Nowhere more evident than at CES' iLounge area. Every maker had a watch-band case for iPod Nano, but only a few are even worth mentioning. TUNEWEAR's offering is one of (if not THE) the best ones out..... [ read more ]
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Feb 17
Tunewear is quickly becoming one of our favorite makers of iPod gear. You may not have heard of them, but they have a strong presence in Japan and soon will have in the US as well. Cool well thought out designs and always available in funkadelic colors. Their latest product is an interesting combination of wallet and iPod case called TuneWallet. From the..... [ read more ]
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Jan 28
I'm a sucker for Japanese chique. Really, no other way to describe Tunewear's latest creation to come state-side, their Game Handle. The packaging screams "look at me! I'm cool! Buy me!". At around $20, it's not that bad of a proposition either. I actually like the hot-pick packaging. I've heard from some folks that they found it a little unsettling. Who cares?! Didn't I just say it's..... [ read more ]
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Jan 07
We spoke with Ron Wood, director of international sales and marketing at Tunewear.  On display was the GameHandle, a special case for the iPhone 3GS/3G and iPod Touch 2G that provides a better grip for racing and shooting games.  The case also provides an internal..... [ read more ]
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